Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Move

From the cold city of Baguio I decide to move to the hot city of Santiago. We don't live in the heart of the city though. We live in the outskirt of town and when I say outskirt its really somewhere so far away. My next door neighbor is really not next door because it would take me 15 minutes walk. The grocery store is 30 minutes drive from me. Everything is expensive but the kind of country atmosphere gives me a really nice feeling. I dont really have much of a complain except the weather. It rain in the morning them it will be so hot mid day then out of a sudden the rain will come pouring again like hell. Sometimes it will make people crazy cause i cant even go out, the pathway is so muddy since our place is in the middle of rice fields.

Right now while writing this post I am in Baguio. We came here to have a check up. Its an 11 hour drive but its worth it and its even cheaper. We went to a hospital there but they gave us the wrong medication good thing is that we did not take much of the meds.

I hope this move is really a good one :)

PS: pictures to follow :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More than the Perfect Daughter

I don't really know if its okey to say that in some ways you hate your father. It could be really harsh for me to say this but I really hate my father.

Somehow a lot of people would think that we have a perfect family but few people know the real score. A mom who left her job to work in the UK so she can provide for the family.  A dad who is so obvious who got a favorite daughter.

I was so down on my knees and asked if its possible for him to loan me money so i can start a new business, but all the answer i got was where are my savings. I was a worthless kind who dont know how to save. Yes i know for sure that somehow when i starter working when i was 17 i often go out with my friend, sometimes buy things i need, like clothes but how dare him to say i am worthless.

I do admit that i often lie but to him everything that i say is a lie. Maybe even saying that i am so sick with medical record is still a lie. If i asked for money so i could go to the doctor he would say that its no use or something like its just a waste of money.

I tried to over work myself so i can give him something extra because that's what he is after anyway and still not enough i am still worthless.

I dont know maybe I am just trying to hard to be the perfect daughter.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Wedding Planner

I have been involve in my friends wedding plan and most of them likes it. They told me that I am so detailed and I can make a living out of it. Some of them say I would be lucky cause I wont be needing a wedding planner if i get married, I was thinking about that too.... 


It don't look like that way now! Yep I was recently engage to my BF of 5 years and we are planning to get married next year, It's still too early to plan but since the traditional wedding in my tribe takes 3 days then it really needs an early preparation.

When I was helping my friend plan their wedding I would start on what kind of wedding are they going to have. That is where we start to draw what kind of gown are they going to use but now that kind of rule seem to vanish. It's really different if you are planning your own wedding. I mean perfection is a must but as a future bride I guess I want more that that. It only happens once in a lifetime just like birth so it should be something so special.

anyway these days I am checking on what kind of gown I would wear, I will be having a garden wedding and I was thinking something like this:


there are a lot of choices really but I just decided to choose between the two so it wont be hard and it wont take a really long time deciding...

which one do you think is a good choice?