Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More than the Perfect Daughter

I don't really know if its okey to say that in some ways you hate your father. It could be really harsh for me to say this but I really hate my father.

Somehow a lot of people would think that we have a perfect family but few people know the real score. A mom who left her job to work in the UK so she can provide for the family.  A dad who is so obvious who got a favorite daughter.

I was so down on my knees and asked if its possible for him to loan me money so i can start a new business, but all the answer i got was where are my savings. I was a worthless kind who dont know how to save. Yes i know for sure that somehow when i starter working when i was 17 i often go out with my friend, sometimes buy things i need, like clothes but how dare him to say i am worthless.

I do admit that i often lie but to him everything that i say is a lie. Maybe even saying that i am so sick with medical record is still a lie. If i asked for money so i could go to the doctor he would say that its no use or something like its just a waste of money.

I tried to over work myself so i can give him something extra because that's what he is after anyway and still not enough i am still worthless.

I dont know maybe I am just trying to hard to be the perfect daughter.

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