Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Wedding Planner

I have been involve in my friends wedding plan and most of them likes it. They told me that I am so detailed and I can make a living out of it. Some of them say I would be lucky cause I wont be needing a wedding planner if i get married, I was thinking about that too.... 


It don't look like that way now! Yep I was recently engage to my BF of 5 years and we are planning to get married next year, It's still too early to plan but since the traditional wedding in my tribe takes 3 days then it really needs an early preparation.

When I was helping my friend plan their wedding I would start on what kind of wedding are they going to have. That is where we start to draw what kind of gown are they going to use but now that kind of rule seem to vanish. It's really different if you are planning your own wedding. I mean perfection is a must but as a future bride I guess I want more that that. It only happens once in a lifetime just like birth so it should be something so special.

anyway these days I am checking on what kind of gown I would wear, I will be having a garden wedding and I was thinking something like this:


there are a lot of choices really but I just decided to choose between the two so it wont be hard and it wont take a really long time deciding...

which one do you think is a good choice?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Missing Him so MUch

I was really expecting that he will come home this July but unfortunately he was asked to extend his contract for another 6 months so once again I wont be seeing him in half a year again. I really hate the fact that we are so far away but then again I understand that he needs to do what he got to do to reach his dreams.

(Pics taken before he went on board 7 months ago)

As I was listening to some music I started to remember something, It really did melt my heart when I was so stressed at work and so alone in china, those are my first two months and he called me, I know it was him because i can see the name but all I hear is a violin playing my favorite song. I cried cause I never expect someone to go that far to make me smile. There were times that he calls just to sing a song, he sings well (not because I am his GF) and I really like that.

God I really miss him, he would always tell me that time pass by so fast when you don't count them, well I really hope it does cause I cant wait to see him.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Death - Makes me Pray

I was absent to the blogging world for quite sometimes because I don't really know what to write, somehow I find a lot of things in my head but none of them made it to the final thing to write. There is one thing though that I have been thinking for the last week. It all started when I learned that my first cousin just died.

I started to realize that it is indeed true that death is the greatest equalizer, no one can avoid it. It made me think if ever I will die tomorrow am I ready? I don't really think I am, I not ready to leave my son at a very young age, have not reach nor started to achieve my dream yet.  Most of all I don't think I am spiritually ready.

Since I have been thinking of death since that time, I started to do something I haven't done in a very long time. Praying! it is true that we sometimes call our creator when we needed him, I am guilty of that. I really wanted him to watch over me and my family.

while writing this i look at my son who is sleeping so peacefully, I started to think what will happen to him when I am gone, sure there are a lot of family who can take care of him but I pray to God not to get me now, to give me a long life to see what will he become. I am still afraid of death though..

Sigh! there is something good though when I think about death, it makes me think about God and it makes me closer to him. I dont pray before but now I do... I guess it's also one way of God reminding me of him.

lets us all pray for every one :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grammar Matters

Somehow I started my blog not really considering the pain of editing and making every word and sentence to be in proper order.  I always want to just consider what I feel when I write an article and not about the structure of my sentence.  Since I don’t edit and blogger auto correct might not work sometimes my spelling could be wrong. BUT one blogger commented on one of my post pointing out grammar errors. 

On my defense I could say that I am writing for myself and I don’t really care if my grammar is wrong, after all English native speakers do commit them more often than expected. (And that is true to most native speaker of a certain language, after all its all about what I say and not how I say it) But I know that is a lie, I blog because I want people to read, so that excuse is not acceptable.

Lesson I learn is that if you want people to understand what you write then you have to consider your grammar, especially if you are writing in a second language like me. You don’t have to memorize all the patters and you don’t really have to know all the 21 tenses of verbs but maybe there are things that you need to consider.

To be honest I did write this post 6 diff times but most of the time I don’t feel it, I feel like it was too geeky, or to romantic so I am still writing it the way I use to do but with more consideration on my grammar.  (or so I thought).

There is one thing that I would wish though, I hope people won’t point out in the comment box how grammatically wrong you are, it would be okey if they message the person, because the others who will read the blog will need to find more and soon enough people would be talking about every grammar error you made and not the blog at all. Don’t make it sound like not knowing what is the difference of has been and has, or began and begun is bigger than alien attack on planet earth..

and please consider this one golden rule:

once again I do appreciate the correction it's something I should really learn, it's just that some people are doing it in a really negative way. (sorry for ranting..)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Restoration - Begun

It's like a part of my culture to turn someone else room into a storage room if the owner is not around for a long time. I went to china and stayed for ten years and when I return home my room don't look like a room at all. At first I did not really care cause I am not going to move in anyway, I have rented an apartment and I like it there better.


when business was bad and I am forced to close and give up the business, I am also forced to go back home. To claim my old room at my fathers house.  That was the time I realize how bad really it is. So I choose to take the basement room for a while but I cant wait any longer so I decided to do the restoration my self.

the wall are all like this

and I don't really know which color is better, I have tried light colors and they are easily to get dirty plus the only available color at my dads construction supply is chocolate brown and black. Initially I really want to paint it black and put some white paintings but my dad said its still his house and he don't want any room to be painted black.

 I started 10 am and I finish at around 1 pm, don't have a roller but I think it was all good...
i will try to paint some details (lol like a canvas eh) soon..

A picture of my wall in china.. black wall.. let me know what you think...
(oh by the way the owner of the apartment was really so angry when he know I painted it black - the paint I used in here is not the ordinary wall paint, the paint actually can be washed with water, the flowers too is water base canvas paints)

I was taking a pic from my webcam
not a good quality but I guess it look just fine.. hopefully

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Teacher is Back

Few weeks ago I decided to take some time off from work because I feel like I was so burn out and as they say in economics I don't see any return of investment. I had another offer from another company a better pay but it will for sure turn my world up side down. It's a whole new thing and I don't know if I can take a risk. Don't get me wrong I love to gamble sometimes but this time the stake is too much that I am not sure if I will take it or not.

Solution: one month off from work. I wanted to really think as hard as I can on what I should do, so I took one month off and now that that month is over I finally know what I want. 

In the end I still want to be a teacher, one of the most underpaid job on earth, but I think I was looking about the return of investment in the wrong way. It may not see it financially, but I am happy, I am happy when my students send me postcards, when they send me emails and tell me how far they can go. One student made an impact on my decision to stay on my profession. His name is Hediki Ota, he was really a nice guy and he study hard, now at the age of 24 he already tour the world and he wrote a book about his tour. He open a business and now he is one of the youngest Company President in Japan, he is a living proof that a dream is enough to motivate a person. Unlike other young President he did not inherit his position, he work for it.

I know not everyone in my class will be like Hediki but some of them will be as successful as he is, and that is my return of investment, being a part of the lives of future doctors, lawyers and leaders.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Motels are not just for couples

there are moments in your life where in you feel like so burn out and you need to be alone for a few hours just to be yourself cause home is not a suitable place for that. A month ago I was caught between two choices that I don't even know what to do. I don't know which one to choose.

On my way to and from work I always pass this motel called Hollywood, and one day just before I quit my current job I really wanted to be alone for few hours to think what should I do. I only have a week to think on my next move and I am running out of time. I decided to ask the taxi to drop me at the motel, he look at me on a weird way but I did not really care.

inside of the room

Compared to most motel rooms I have been I kinda like this better, though it's a bit more expensive than the others. I actually ordered a bottle of bear and I was drinking at the veranda when I got the first knock on my door, it was a bell boy asking me if I am expecting a guest and I said no just me.

then here comes another knock after another 15 minutes asking me the same question. I was still polite this time. I thought that was all but when I ordered another bear the lady on the other end of the line again ask me the same question, I said no and I asked what is wrong with you people that you need to asked me if I am expecting a guest to many times, I asked if the other people did not relay the information to her since she is the front desk and she said she know but she just want to make sure.

outside the veranda 

which makes me think that this motel could be good but good lord the workers are too nosy.  I know that in Filipino culture motorist hotel became a short time F*** place and that's the soul purpose of it. So i know that it's a bit weird that a person can just go to a motel alone without anyone with him/her. I don't plan to stay long so I choose to pull over a motel first they are cheaper and second they allow short term stay unlike hotels... the nosy workers piss me off though.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blue Sling Bag To Celebrate Fourth of July

Happy independence day... 

I don't understand why every fourth of July most people would talk about war and what not. is it not supposed to be celebration of the independence that our American brothers and sisters are enjoying. 
Some people would hate those who are in the war zone, not realizing that those who are there don't want to be there, they sacrifice a lot because they believe in something. Let's not hate them for believing , weather we agree with it or not, lets just respect them for putting their life on the line to keep us safe here at home. After all who doesn't want to be safe...


I'm not going to talk about war and the like since I'm not an expert and I don't want to pretend to be one :) I want to celebrate the fourth of July my own way :)

so here it goes!
Blue Sling Bag to a lucky winner :)

This bag is made out of handwoven cloth.
 It's a good bag to pair mostly with dress and it's good for summer :)

(please excuse the wire)
The handle where you can adjust the bag

sorry cant find a better angle

the name of the city where I am right now

and oopppsss!
I want to be honest about the bag! the bag is not good for school since it cant carry a lot of school material like books. sometimes sharp object like pen, pencil and triangular rulers can create a whole in it. Other than that its all good :)

It's easy to join but you have to be:

1) celebrating fourth of July
2) Have a street address (No PO Box please)
3) Willing to wait (inside the PH it will take 7 days outside the PH it will take 20 days)

All you have to do is answer this question in the comment box:
What do you usually do to celebrate 4th of July?
leave your email address I will contact you if you got picked. (your name will be written on a piece of paper and DK will pick the winner)

cut off time is July 5th NN (that would be July 4th MN in the US)
the winner will be selected and will be emailed not later than July 6.
***The bag is ready to be shipped***

Declaimer : This is a No Sponsor give away.