Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Move

From the cold city of Baguio I decide to move to the hot city of Santiago. We don't live in the heart of the city though. We live in the outskirt of town and when I say outskirt its really somewhere so far away. My next door neighbor is really not next door because it would take me 15 minutes walk. The grocery store is 30 minutes drive from me. Everything is expensive but the kind of country atmosphere gives me a really nice feeling. I dont really have much of a complain except the weather. It rain in the morning them it will be so hot mid day then out of a sudden the rain will come pouring again like hell. Sometimes it will make people crazy cause i cant even go out, the pathway is so muddy since our place is in the middle of rice fields.

Right now while writing this post I am in Baguio. We came here to have a check up. Its an 11 hour drive but its worth it and its even cheaper. We went to a hospital there but they gave us the wrong medication good thing is that we did not take much of the meds.

I hope this move is really a good one :)

PS: pictures to follow :)

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