Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Missing Him so MUch

I was really expecting that he will come home this July but unfortunately he was asked to extend his contract for another 6 months so once again I wont be seeing him in half a year again. I really hate the fact that we are so far away but then again I understand that he needs to do what he got to do to reach his dreams.

(Pics taken before he went on board 7 months ago)

As I was listening to some music I started to remember something, It really did melt my heart when I was so stressed at work and so alone in china, those are my first two months and he called me, I know it was him because i can see the name but all I hear is a violin playing my favorite song. I cried cause I never expect someone to go that far to make me smile. There were times that he calls just to sing a song, he sings well (not because I am his GF) and I really like that.

God I really miss him, he would always tell me that time pass by so fast when you don't count them, well I really hope it does cause I cant wait to see him.

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