Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blue Sling Bag To Celebrate Fourth of July

Happy independence day... 

I don't understand why every fourth of July most people would talk about war and what not. is it not supposed to be celebration of the independence that our American brothers and sisters are enjoying. 
Some people would hate those who are in the war zone, not realizing that those who are there don't want to be there, they sacrifice a lot because they believe in something. Let's not hate them for believing , weather we agree with it or not, lets just respect them for putting their life on the line to keep us safe here at home. After all who doesn't want to be safe...


I'm not going to talk about war and the like since I'm not an expert and I don't want to pretend to be one :) I want to celebrate the fourth of July my own way :)

so here it goes!
Blue Sling Bag to a lucky winner :)

This bag is made out of handwoven cloth.
 It's a good bag to pair mostly with dress and it's good for summer :)

(please excuse the wire)
The handle where you can adjust the bag

sorry cant find a better angle

the name of the city where I am right now

and oopppsss!
I want to be honest about the bag! the bag is not good for school since it cant carry a lot of school material like books. sometimes sharp object like pen, pencil and triangular rulers can create a whole in it. Other than that its all good :)

It's easy to join but you have to be:

1) celebrating fourth of July
2) Have a street address (No PO Box please)
3) Willing to wait (inside the PH it will take 7 days outside the PH it will take 20 days)

All you have to do is answer this question in the comment box:
What do you usually do to celebrate 4th of July?
leave your email address I will contact you if you got picked. (your name will be written on a piece of paper and DK will pick the winner)

cut off time is July 5th NN (that would be July 4th MN in the US)
the winner will be selected and will be emailed not later than July 6.
***The bag is ready to be shipped***

Declaimer : This is a No Sponsor give away.

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